Recent Publications

Deaf Education Policy Paper, Irish Deaf Society, September 2022.

Voices of Syrians: Hearing from Resettled Refugees in Ireland, IOM Ireland, August 2022. [English] [Arabic]

Race Equality in the Higher Education Sector, Higher Education Authority of Ireland, November 2021.

Guide for Practitioners on the Home Office Indicators of Integration Framework 2019, IOM UK, 2021.

‘Policing Black Lives in Ireland’, Sociological Observer Issue 2: Black Lives Matter. Sociological Association of Ireland, March 2021.  

Black Lives Matter? Attitudes to minorities and migrants in Northern Ireland, ARK Research Update 136, Jan 2021. 

Artificial intelligence in HR: how to address racial biases and algorithmic discrimination in HR? ENAR, Dec 2020.

‘Immigration and Citizenship’, Routledge Handbook of Irish Studies, 2020

Attitudes to migrant workers in Northern Ireland: an improving landscape? ARK Research Update 131, April 2020

Immigrants as Outsiders in the Two IrelandsManchester University Press, 2019  (Dublin stockists: UCD Campus Bookshop, Books Upstairs, Hodges Figgis, Belfast stockists: No Alibis) 

Indicators of Integration framework 2019 third edition, UK Home Office, 2019.