Recent Publications

‘Policing Black Lives in Ireland’, Sociological Observer Issue 2: Black Lives Matter. Sociological Association of Ireland, March 2021.  

Black Lives Matter? Attitudes to minorities and migrants in Northern Ireland, ARK Research Update 136, Jan 2021. 

Artificial intelligence in HR: how to address racial biases and algorithmic discrimination in HR? ENAR, Dec 2020.

‘Immigration and Citizenship’, Routledge Handbook of Irish Studies, 2020

Attitudes to migrant workers in Northern Ireland: an improving landscape? ARK Research Update 131, April 2020

Immigrants as Outsiders in the Two IrelandsManchester University Press, 2019  (Dublin stockists: UCD Campus Bookshop, Books Upstairs, Hodges Figgis, Belfast stockists: No Alibis) 

Indicators of Integration framework 2019 third edition, UK Home Office, 2019.