We can help you develop robust and reliable solutions for equality and integration work in your organisation, supporting your services, products and organisation to deliver the needs of an increasingly diverse Ireland.

Together we will identify your priority areas for action and the right solutions for your organisation, tailored to align with your strategy and budget.

We work with a diverse cross-border team and international experts who support the development and delivery of these services, so that we can ensure that we identify and deliver exactly what you need.

Choose from any of the one-off solutions or services we can offer, or talk to us about the challenges you are facing so we can identify the best starting point for you.

  • Organisational reviews
  • Equality and Diversity statements
  • Equality consultation planning and organisation
  • Developing action plans for equality and integration
  • Mapping integration needs
  • Embedding equality or integration indicators in your organisation
  • Support for intervention design and policy development
  • Evaluation planning
  • Guidance on collecting and using equality data
  • Guidance on the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights duty
  • Identifying the business case for equality and diversity work in your organisation
  • Policy briefings
  • Policy reviews

Helping you to success: our one-to-one support service

Would you like to be able to reach out for advice when you need it, and get it? You can book a single advice call or a priority support package with us, and we’ll help you tackle those challenges as they arise!

We are offering

  • A one-off 45 minute support call
  • A priority support package including a 45 minute introductory call to help you to map out the key areas where you need support and start to address those, and 4 follow-up calls of 30-minutes when you need them, valid for up to a year.

If you book a single call and choose to upgrade afterwards, we will be happy to switch you to our priority support package.

Get in touch via our contact form below.

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