Pro bono work

We regularly take on and review our pro bono workload. Many of our pro bono projects involve assisting an organisation or community group through our activities, connecting groups with one another, and providing expert information. As you might expect, in incidences of discrimination and exclusion, there is much regard for privacy, and this applies to our pro bono projects as much as to the confidentiality we provide our clients.

Two key pro bono projects which we can share, and are very proud of:

Supporting the Irish Network Against Racism’s racist incident reporting system

Authored by Shane O’Curry (INAR) and Dr Lucy Michael, the Racist Incident Reporting Systemwas launched by the Irish Network Against Racism in July 2013. It allows the people, communities, and organisations of Ireland to confidentially report racism nationwide.

How does work? Racist Incident Reporting System: 

  • Enables people who experience or witness racism and/or those supporting them to do something about it and break the silence.
  • National, confidential and user-friendly way to report racism from any online device.
  • Used for monitoring racism in Ireland.
  • Provides evidence and data on racism in Ireland.
  • Counters an increase in racism and hardening of racist attitudes.
  • Responds to the need to focus the discussion on finding solutions to racism.

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Facilitating Balbriggan Youth Forum

Balbriggan Youth Forum provides opportunities for young people in Balbriggan to speak about key social issues, connect with organisations to learn about those issues and how they affect young people, and learn new skills to share with others. 

BYF was established in 2021 by Balbriggan Integration Forum in acknowledgement that young people needed a platform for their own voices, to share the views of young people in the town and raise issues of concern to them. 


We are often invited to give talks about organising against racial discrimination, equality measures and the state of racism today. Where a speakers’ fee is offered, it goes directly to the Movement of Asylum Seekers of Ireland (MASI).